The Business Influencer Marketing Glossary

Want to learn the lingo of business influencer marketing pros? Our A to Z marketing glossary covers everything you need to know from Account Based Influence to Media Packages. Get ready to become a business influencer marketing hero!

A/B Testing

Account Based Influence

Account Based Marketing

Ad Spend

Advocacy Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Network

Affinity Score

Agency Representation


Ambassador Program


Approval Process

Asset Creation

Attribution Model

Audience Analysis

Audience Companies

Audience Company Sizes

Audience Engagement

Audience Industries

Audience Insights

Audience Job Titles

Audience Locations

Audience Reach

Audience Segmentation

Audience Seniority

Authentic Content

Authentic Partnership


Average Engagement Rate

Average Engagements

Average Impressions

Awareness Campaign

Boost Content

Brand Advocacy

Brand Agreement

Brand Ambassador

Brand Awareness

Brand Engagement

Brand Image

Brand Loyalty

Brand Mention

Brand Partnership

Brand Reach

Brand Reputation

Branded Content

Branding Strategy

Business Influencer

Business Influencer Marketing

Buyer Persona

Campaign Brief

Campaign Metrics

Campaign Spend

Click-Through Rate (CTR)

Collaboration Agreement

Content Calendar

Content Creation

Content Preference

Content Strategy

Conversion Rate

Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)

Cost Per Click (CPC)

Cost Per Engagement (CPE)

Cost Per Mile (CPM)

Creative Brief

Creative Control

Creative Direction

Data Analytics

Demographic Targeting

Direct Message (DM) Campaign

Disclosure Guidelines

Display Advertising

Domain Authority

Drive Traffic

Dynamic Content

Earned Media

Engagement Metrics

Engagement Rate

Engagement Rate (Content)

Engagement Rate (Followers)

Exclusive Content

Executive Influencer

Experiential Marketing

Expertise Authority


Feed Algorithm

Follower Demographics

Follower Growth Rate


Full Disclosure



Google Analytics

Growth Hacking

Guest Blogging

Guidelines Compliance

Hashtag Campaign

Hybrid Influencer

Hype Marketing

Hyperlocal Marketing

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